The Freedom of Owning Your Own Young Living Business

When you own a home-based business, your day begins and ends with freedom! With Young Living, 
you'll enjoy freedom to:

* Choose your own working hours
* Be your own boss and choose whom you work with
* Choose a working style in harmony with your personality
* Be available for family activities and special events
* Schedule vacation time on your terms

Owning a Young Living business allows you to avoid corporate downsizing, increasing federal tax hikes, 

unstable pension plans, limited earning potential, and high commuter gas prices. The best home businesses
sell a product that everyone needs, no one else has, and is consumed monthly.

The Brillance of Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing is a way of marketing goods or services without a middle man. It is word of mouth marketing. 
People have been sharing products with their friends since the beginning of time, except they were never paid for it.
Imagine if you received a check for every time you have recommended a great movie or restaurant to a friend?

Young Living rewards you for telling someone about a product or a service you love...it's as simple as that. No one
likes to sell, no one likes to be sold...but everyone likes to buy!

9 Reasons to Start a Young Living Business

1. Eliminate Debt - 80 Percent of those filing bankruptcy could have avoided it with an additional $200-$300 per month. A side business can supplement your paycheck.

2. Boost Your Retirement Savings - 95 Percent of retirement-aged Americans can't afford to maintain the lifestyle they had while working. A home-business can add to your nest egg.

3. Save For a Rainy Day - The average American saves only 1% of what they earn, and half of Americans under age 50 have less than $10,000 in savings.

4. Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster - Experts estimate that only 2% of Americans homes are paid for. A home-based business may help you
accelerate payoff by years.

5. Buy The Car of Your Dreams - Having money to play with after all the bills means that comforts of the wealthy are now within your reach. Turn dreams into reality.

6.Enjoy Tax Benefits - Business income is taxed differently than "employee" income. A home-based business allows you to take thousands of dollars in legal deductions.

7. Spend More Time With Your Family - Self-employment allows you the opportunity to set your own schedule and work "smart" instead of just long hours.

8. Take a Longer Vacation - American employees receive a mere 13 days of annual average vacation time - and often run into scheduling conflicts. Home business owners vacation for as long as and whenever they want.

9. Be a Stay-at-home Parent - Nearly 2/3 of children under age 5 are in childcare. A home-business allows you to spend time where it counts-with family.

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